Through MIAC’s industry leading risk-management and pipeline-hedge advisory system, called MarketShield®, originators and aggregators can reliably limit their interest rate and fallout risk. MIAC utilizes the most advanced term-structure model to calculate very accurate and reliable durations which are critical to properly hedging a pipeline.

MarketShield® provides mortgage pipeline management and hedge advisory solutions tailored specifically to the goals of your organization. MarketShield® can price your originations, execute your hedges, produce your accounting statements, generate your pool files and limit the pipeline’s market risk while optimizing your best execution.

Hedge Execution Tools:

  • Flexible Position Reporting
  • Best Execution, Gain/Loss Reporting and Accounting
  • MIAC Libor Market Model (LMM) – Interest Rate Model
  • Daily Loan Level Mark-to-Market and Expected Gain/Loss
  • Best Execution, Price and Pull-Through Loan Level Auditor
  • Multiple Hedge Instruments & Templates
  • Intraday Position Analytics
  • Intuitive Hedge Activity Input and Maintenance
  • TradeWeb™ STP Integration
  • Intraday Hedge Valuation
  • Daily Change Attribution Reporting
  • P&L Reporting
  • Accounting and Reconciliation Support:

Data Management and Reporting:

  • MIAC® DataRaptor® File Mapping and Auditing
  • User-Defined Reporting

Manage your pipeline with MarketShield®:

  • Dynamic Pull-through Modeling
  • Multi-factor loan-level fallout modeling
  • Rate shock & scenario analysis
  • Reservation Pricing
  • Digital Trade Blotter
  • Hybrid ARMs Spread Model
  • Loan Level MSR Released/Retained Best Execution
  • Fallout Analysis and Modeling
  • Best Execution Analysis
  • Accounting and Audit Support

MIAC® | MarketShield® Simply the Best Solution for Managing Secondary Risk
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