MarketShield® | SellSide Trader™ provides all the mortgage pipeline management and hedge advisory solutions contained in MarketShield®, plus the ability to utilize state of the art whole loan trading and specified pool trading tools and solutions.

  • Performs best execution between bid tapes, AOT/DT, cash/rate sheet, MBS executions when selling loans
  • User-defined templates allow for selection of loans to sell based on user-specified criteria
  • Incorporates specified pool pay-ups and investor fees
  • Copy/Paste or import bid prices and reference strikes
  • Refresh cash/MBS strikes for AOT/DT and cash window executions
  • Levels out market movement between timing of bid tapes and timing of cash/TBA strikes in model
  • Create commitments and allocate loans to commitments automatically
  • View modified risk on-screen post-sale for easy position rebalancing
  • Enhanced Bulk Bidding functionality which includes selection of eligible loans, automated generation of bulk bid files, incorporation of investor eligibility criteria, automated email of bulk bids and bulk bid import
  • Automated Best Execution tools permitting MIAC customers to quickly compare best takeout options

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Integrations

  • Direct integration to both of the GSE Cash Windows for fast, simple and secure executions, including Fannie Mae’s Servicing Marketplace and Freddie Mac’s Cash Released Xchange program
  • Execute commitments with the single click of a button
  • Automated creation of trades, pools, and allocation of loans to trades
  • Automated price pulls

These new features are incorporated into MarketShield’s already robust best-execution functionality which includes MBS, Direct/AOT trades, Co-Issue Contracts, servicing released/retained decisions, as well as user-customizable delivery timelines, warehouse carry, delivery fees and execution bias.