MarketShield® | Rate Sheet Generator™ is a system that allows you to produce pricing tied directly to your MBS, Cash or mandatory executions, and generate data feeds for any Product Pricing Engine or rate sheet template.

Hedge costs and desired profit margins can be specified and managed at multiple user-configurable levels, such as corporate, business unit, branch, and product, for enhanced granularity, accuracy and transparency. Clients will also be able to receive reports showing a complete breakdown of pricing variables, as well as margin history over time, providing critical information for management decision-making.


  • Create pricing based on any or all execution alternatives
  • Price these products to multiple origination channels in a granular fashion
  • Use customized templates to help facilitate the distribution of rates
  • Produce more stable and accurate pricing by tying to actual executions
  • Eliminates the need to rely on investor rate sheets
  • Tie pricing to best-execution of any user-configured delivery option
  • Set defined margins for corporate, secondary and individual production units
  • Define hedge costs for products and individual production units as desired
  • Flexible reporting allows users to view and maintain margin pricing history

 Generate your Rate Sheet with 5 Easy Steps

Rate Sheet Generator - 5 Steps