Get total control over your portfolio data and manage it according to the business rules you design.

Investors, financial management and consulting firms nationwide rely on MIAC’s DataRaptor® – the premier data management tool created specifically for companies managing large, complex portfolios of any size. MIAC’s DataRaptor® enables detailed portfolio management, including automated interfaces to other internal data systems. Because DataRaptor® is so flexible, it can be used to manage data for a variety of purposes including: servicing and whole loan valuation, secondary marketing and pipeline management, collateral behavior analysis, identifying potential loan modifications, bank stress testing, as well as additional statistical and market analyses. 

DataRaptor categorizes and audits your portfolio data as you use it.

DataRaptor® sources data from any loan origination system, pipeline or balance sheet hedging tool, or loan servicing system. All loan data types are easily sourced and managed, including:

  • Residential and commercial whole loans and mortgage servicing rights
  • Fixed and variable loan types
  • All collateral types
  • Asset-backed Securities

The sourced data is placed into tables, audited for accuracy and manipulated for pooling, pricing, and reporting based on your business rules.

Six Reasons Why You Need DataRaptor®

1. Scalability:

DataRaptor® can load, audit and report on portfolios of any size. It has been stress-tested on portfolios with assets in excess of seven million loans at once.

 2. Efficiency:

DataRaptor® lets you run in distributed processing mode (DPM) so you have more control over work load and production time-tables. It also can be run in batch via command line prompt.

 3. Complete Flexibility:

DataRaptor® accepts source data from multiple sources in all standard data formats including Excel, SQL, EBCDIC (mainframe based), delimited-text, standard databases, and any other ODBC compatible data format.

The data model is user-defined, accommodating all asset types — mortgage and non-mortgage alike.

The output format of audited data is user-definable:

  • Aggregation Level: You can aggregate at loan level versus pool or tranche level.
  • Aggregation Characteristics: You can group loans by critical collateral characteristics.
  • Aggregation Calculations: DataRaptor® supports aggregation calculations including sum, count, weighted average, zero weighted average, minimum, maximum, etc.

 4. Control:

DataRaptor® gives you direct control over the business logic applied against all assets, allowing for more dynamic portfolio management and reducing your reliance on an IT department to manage your data. And, you can control access to DataRaptor® at the functional level because it operates with user-level permissions, which is important for compliance with Sarbanes Oxley.

 5. Integration:

DataRaptor has the ability to integrate with other internal or third-party systems via API. Seamless integration already exists with:

  • S&P LEVELS®: Integrating detailed loan-level probability of default and loss severity expectations.
  • Kroll Factual Data: Providing property values, borrower credit information, and fraud indicators.
  • Real Estate Indices, including FHFA’s and HPI

 6. Reporting:

DataRaptor® has two integrated reporting tools to satisfy all management reporting needs:

On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Allows you to create and store multi-dimensional data cubes for fast, flexible reporting. It also allows for customizable reporting views that can be created and stored for collateral analysis.

Crystal Reports & SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reporting Tools

Helps you present your data with highly formatted reports and deliver them with interactive content within your applications and web portals.

Featured add-on — DR-Surveillance

DR-Surveillance is a newly integrated solution allowing users to load historical data with the click of a button. By seamlessly building custom reports to track prepayment, delinquency status, and roll rates behind the scenes, DR-Surveillance will save dozens of man hours each month.

DataRaptor has everything you need.

It’s scalable, efficient, flexible, easily integrated with other systems, offers dynamic reporting and doesn’t require constant IT assistance to use. Best of all, it’s completely customizable to your terms of business and information management needs and is SAS 70 Level II Audit compliant.


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