Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation has worked with financial institutions to manage interest rate risk since 1989.

MIAC can provide a flexible HFA turnkey solution to provide direct access to the GSE’s and GNMA, while mitigating your risks, from Reservation to Delivery, MIAC will be there every step of the way. Why pay an advisor >50bp, when MIAC and MIAC MDS will be there every step of the way?

Specifically, MIAC will:

  • Assist HFA customer from taking a reservation to ultimate delivery, across the entire spectrum of alternatives
  • Full delivery support through ULDD or GinnieNet generation
  • Industry leading risk management solutions for mortgage reservation risk management:
    • Rate Sheet generation
    • Monitor daily margin management
    • Comprehensive daily risk reports
    • Support of government accounting standards, GASB
    • A turnkey solution for the migration from selling whole loans to aggregators, rather to the ultimate investor
    • Ability to support customer’s organization structure with flexible policies and procedures
    • Sophisticated CRA desk to help maximize value for CRA qualifying loans

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