MIAC Analytics | Mortgage Industry Medians(MIMs) is a semi-monthly dealer consensus of long-term prepayment projections. MIMs™ is predicated upon MIAC selected Generic Cohorts with specific attributes including product type, coupon, and issue year of the largest populations in the MBS market.  The MIMs™ survey produces a Median value for base case consensus projections as well as consensus projections assuming immediate and sustained parallel shifts in the yield curve of user set increments.

Features include:

  • Automatic integration into MIAC Analytics; many mortgage assets, including MSRs and CMOs, are priced with dealer consensus prepayments as the assumption for future prepayment behavior.
  • Explicit loan attributes for each Generic Cohort, such as: WAC, WALA, WAM, mtm-LTV, FICO and Average Loan Size.
  • MIMs users can also elect to subscribe to Dynamic MIMs™, which enables users to forecast a dealer consensus prepayment forecast for given changes in mortgage rates.

Gain command of your assets with MIAC Analytics™ | Mortgage Industry Medians™

  • MIAC MIMs contain long-term projections in the following sections: Conventional (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 30-Year), Conventional 15-Year, Ginnie Mae I 30-Year, Ginnie Mae II 30-Year, Ginnie Mae II 15-Year, 30-Year Jumbos, 3/1 Hybrids, 5/1 Hybrids, 7/1 Hybrids, and 10/1 Hybrids.
  • This survey has been ongoing since 1986 and was acquired by MIAC in November 2013.
  • The CPR and PSA Median outputs are also sent to our subscribers via direct email two times a month (1st and 15th) and are also posted on a secure page on MIAC’s website, which allows MIMs™ subscribers to dynamically monitor MIMs™ prepayment projections over time and compare prepayment projections between participating dealers.


Whole Loans MSRs Structured Products Other Assets
New & Seasoned Whole Loans Residential MSRs Illiquid CMOs SBA Loans
Commercial Loans Commercial MSRs Senior/Sub Consumer Loans
Non-Performing Loans Subprime & Alt-A CMBS CFD Loans
Second Liens Reverse Mortgages Residuals Student Loans
Consumer Receivable Consumer Receivable Market Place Loans Small Business Loans

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