Software that adapts with you

MIAC Analytics™ is the most sophisticated and market accepted mortgage pricing and risk management custom software system available. Spanning the analytical spectrum from loan origination to balance sheet risk management and the pricing of illiquid assets, MIAC Analytics™ is the integrated and comprehensive analytical solution for mortgage originators, servicing hedgers and mortgage portfolio managers.

  • Easily produced custom reporting across multiple dimensions and business lines
  • Affordable, fully automated regulatory reporting
  • Feature-rich applications integrated in a short amount of time
  • Quick and accurate insight into operational and portfolio risk
  • New funds can be added to the platform without significant operational cost

MIAC Analytics Suite:

MarketShield® Pipeline hedging, Secondary Marketing best-execution
DataRaptor® Loan-level data management, data auditing, and stratification system
WinOAS™ Cash flow model for valuation of MSRs and whole loans
MIAC | DS™ Loan-level portfolio management system for MSRs
VAST™ Derivative pricing, hedging analytics, and advanced sensitivity analysis tool
Vision™ Unrivaled ALM, combines all MIAC Analytics for balance sheet analysis
MIAC CORE™ Behavioral analytics; Cash flow forecast and valuation
VeriFi™ Due Diligence and Reviewer Process Automation
C-Trac™ Collateral Management Web Application