Register now to receive the materials from our free CECL Webinar Series. MIAC’s methodology for forecasting current expected credit loss is consistent with industry best practices as prescribed by FASB and the joint regulatory guidance. Our analytical tools have been developed internally, and constantly enhanced, for compliance with the approaches recommended:  No firm can match MIAC’s Perspective.

What We’ll Cover:

  • A comprehensive introduction to the new standards and best practices
  • MIAC’s guide to implementation strategy
  • Data requirements for CECL modeling
  • Loan data auditing and portfolio historical performance metrics
  • Stratification solutions
  • Quantification of qualitative factors
  • Loan loss allowances approval process
  • Asset-specific loss projection and macro factor forward scenarios
How will CECL affect your institution?

Dean C. Hurley, Managing Director of MIAC’s Capital Markets/Structured Products Group, and Joseph A. Furlong, Managing Director, Due Diligence, and Borrower Analytics at MIAC, will present an overview of the CECL standard, how to prepare and what is required for a successful implementation.

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