Exceptions Data Reporting


Powerful. Intelligent. Customizable.

MIAC Analytics™ VeriFi™ is a comprehensive due diligence software platform for the banking and lending industries. This multi-layer application was designed to control all aspects of the due diligence process. Whether your organization is a bank, investor, lender, asset servicer or family office, VeriFi™ can fit the scope of almost any project.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Optimize processes and team management with custom reports
  • Receive up to date performance measurements, executive narratives and progress reports
  • Reports include: Exception details, data variance, and review status

Compliance Testing

  • Easily access ComplianceEase® Products from VeriFi™
  • Compliance Analyzer with TRID Monitor and RESPA Auditor
  • Compliance Results are directly linked to VeriFi’s Exception Management

Income Calculators

  • Advanced formulas embedded within templates to create income determinations
  • Designed for a variety of common scenarios including: W-2 borrowers hourly and salary, rental income, pension and child support