Value your mortgage assets with ease and confidence.

MIAC|DS™ is a loan‐level integrated portfolio management system that provides precise, current information on condition, economic value, market value, risk exposure and accounting detail on every mortgage servicing right. MIAC|DS™ simplifies reporting, servicing valuation, acquisition analysis, default and prepayment management, retention, and is ASC 860-50-35 compliant.

Confidently value your servicing and whole loan portfolios with the newest version of MIAC|DS™ available. MIAC|DS™ Version 2.0 integrates the advanced modeling capabilities of the current model including client-specific customization, Option Adjusted Spread (OAS) pricing analytics, whole loan modeling and portfolio aggregation with all of the new features and functionality added to Version 2.0.


With MIAC|DS, the loan‐level characteristic completely eliminates aggregation errors. It allows the user to understand the loans that make up the results, thereby facilitating strategy and action. Idiosyncratic assumptions allow the user to further refine their analysis.

Accountant— Accounting and valuation

Modeler— Whole loan valuation and pooling. Option adjusted spread.

Analyzer— MSR valuation

Reporter— Comprehensive reporting incorporated in all modules as well as standalone


  • Ability to import loan data into MIAC|DS™ using MIAC’s DataRaptor® API tool – License and control the conversion process through MIAC’s advanced DataRaptor® stratification solution
  • Integration of the newest mortgage industry median prepayment model on the market
    • MIMs (Mortgage Industry Medians)
  • Price-to-Yield and Yield-to-Price calculations
  • New logic functions
    • Concatenate
    • Rounding
  • Upgraded Report viewer with New reports and New variables
  • Internal Audit/conversion routine for new loan portfolios
  • Better viewing ability in dropdown menus and the Scenarios utility area
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