MarketShield® | BuySide Trader™ delivers unique functionality for buyers of bulk pools:

  • Automated file uploads of seller tapes with data normalization
  • Customizable data imports and exports to accommodate seller data formats
  • Price pools and formulate bids based on their actual available end executions
  • Customize profit margins at multiple levels and add loan-level payups in real-time
  • Email integration to automatically send bids to sellers

Position Management Tools

  • Flexible Position Reporting
  • Best Execution, Gain/Loss Reporting and Accounting
  • MIAC Libor Market Model (LMM) – Interest Rate Model
  • Daily Loan Level Mark-to-Market and Expected Gain/Loss
  • Best Execution, Price and Pull-Through Loan Level Auditor
  • Multiple Hedge Instruments & Templates
  • Intraday Position Analytics
  • Intuitive Hedge Activity Input and Maintenance
  • TradeWeb™ STP Integration
  • Intraday Hedge Valuation
  • Daily Change Attribution Reporting
  • P&L Reporting
  • Daily GAAP Accounting Reporting

Data Management and Reporting

  • MIAC® DataRaptor® File Mapping and Auditing
  • User-Defined Reporting

Manage you pipeline with MarketShield® | BuySide Trader™

  • Automated pool generation
  • Intelligent trade allocation
  • Specified premium optimizer
  • Temporary price & delivery spiff support
  • Supports sandboxed environment for pools
  • Activity tool calculates intra-day position
  • Eliminates need for separate spreadsheets
  • Supports & optimizes bulk bids