Approximately $2 Billion Whole Loans Placed Year-to-Date

Our dedicated team will provide you the best execution possible, including data integrity, price modeling, and assistance with legal documents. We offer a powerful marketing effort focused on engaging the best counterparties for your trade. MIAC’s experienced brokerage professionals work as a partner, assisting the seller through the entire auction process. We strive for a seamless and successful transaction.

We know what’s trading, who is buying, who is selling, and where the deals are clearing.   It’s this market intelligence that drives our models, valuations and ultimately your success.

We have extensive relationships with loan buyers.

  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  • 30-year fixed rate product
  • First or Second liens
  • CRA Loans
  • A through D credit categories
  • Performing, Re-Performing, Non-Performing Residential/Commercial Mortgages
  • Manufactured housing
  • Home Equity Loans and HELOCS
  • Conforming paper
  • Fix-n-Flip and Bridge Loans
  • Servicing released or retained
  • Bulk sales and forward deliveries
  • Non-QM
  • Investor Kicks and Scratch & Dent Loans

Specifications for executed transactions:

Fees are generally a percentage of total unpaid balance and are competitive with industry standards. Bids are solicited based on a portfolio (AON-basis) execution or on a carve out of specific loans. Carve-out bids are often obtained from numerous buyers to optimize pricing on niche products. MIAC generates a detailed analysis of all bids and offers including, price/yield tables and settlement stipulations. We guide the buyer and seller toward the most effective settlement process.


MIAC provides full spectrum Due Diligence solutions, from file cracking to onboarding. 

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