Residential Servicing Brokerage
  • MIAC has a unique position in the residential bulk and flow servicing market; the majority of the largest servicers in the industry utilize our proprietary software, MIAC Analytics™, when they price servicing offerings.
  • MIAC also has a specialty in brokering small bulk and flow offerings, a market that is often overlooked.
  • MIAC maintains a strong dialogue with many of the key individuals responsible for servicing valuations and acquisitions within their institution.
  • MIAC has insight into many different valuation methodologies that can create unique arbitrage opportunities for both buyers and sellers of servicing portfolios.
Commercial/Multifamily Servicing Brokerage
  • MIAC is the undisputed leader in the valuation and brokerage of commercial and multifamily servicing portfolios.
  • Through our competitive auction format, MIAC has sold in excess of $20 billion in commercial servicing since 1999.
  • Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of loans within the commercial industry, including CMBS, FNMA, FHLMC, GNMA, FHA, Private Investor, and Life Company loan servicing.
  • Whether you want to sell the servicing on just one loan or thousands, MIAC has the experience.