MIAC is a full service broker, serving financial institutions that buy, sell and finance portfolios of mortgage & consumer receivable assets.

MIAC’s dedicated and experienced brokerage professionals execute as a partner, assisting the seller through the entire auction process, and ultimately, a successful transaction.

As a leader in producing asset valuations and software for pricing and risk management, MIAC has insight into many industry valuation methodologies which identify unique opportunities for both buyers and sellers of mortgage & consumer receivable portfolios.

Strengths and Experience
  • Deep experience in pre-market analysis, Best Ex loan sale selection, bid preparation, and closing
  • Thorough knowledge of mortgage products and experts in collateral behavior
  • Aggressive marketing of each portfolio to create a competitive environment and maximize the sale price
  • Facilitating the negotiation of MLP&SA by assisting buyer and seller to efficiently transfer the assets within a specified deadline

Our brokerage spans:

Residential Servicing Brokerage
  • Holds a unique position in the residential bulk and flow servicing market; the majority of the largest servicers in the industry utilize our proprietary software, MIAC Analytics™, when they price servicing offerings
  • Specializes in brokering small bulk and flow offerings, a market that is often overlooked
  • Maintains a strong dialogue with many of the key individuals responsible for servicing valuations and acquisitions within their institution
  • Deep insight into many different valuation methodologies that can create unique arbitrage opportunities for both buyers and sellers of servicing portfolios
Commercial/Multifamily Servicing Brokerage
  • MIAC is the undisputed leader in the valuation and brokerage of commercial and multifamily servicing portfolios
  • Through our competitive auction format, MIAC has sold in excess of $20 billion in commercial servicing since 1999
  • Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of loans within the commercial industry, including CMBS, FNMA, FHLMC, GNMA, FHA, Private Investor, and Life Company loan servicing
  • Whether you want to sell the servicing on just one loan or thousands, MIAC has the experience


Our whole loan advisory and trading desk is uniquely qualified to transact in the following assets:

Agency & Non-agency Non-QM Jumbo Loans
Fixed/ARMs/Balloon Scratch & Dent Loans Non-Performing Loans
CRA Loans Auto Loans Re-Performing
Government Loans – Insured Consumer Receivables Sub-Performing
Student Loans Government Loans – Uninsured Bridge Loans
1940-Act Valuations Small Business Loans Fix-n-Flip Loans