With the change of seasons comes the realization that one should not get too comfortable with the prevailing market environment. Things change! Yet with comfort in mind, particularly that which accompanies an effectively hedged, well priced and critically reported pipeline, we have some satisfying news for you.

For the past 25 years, MIAC has been the premier provider of pipeline-risk management software tools and turnkey-hedging services for the mortgage origination industry. Whether your preference is to utilize our “best-in-class” analytic suite or to fully outsource your secondary marketing activities, MIAC can craft a program or services to achieve your goals.

Through our on-going commitment to develop the industry’s most accurate term-structure, behavioral, fall-out and ultimately pipeline-risk management models we are pleased to present this update of the enhanced capabilities of MIAC’s pipeline management and hedge-advisory solutions.

We hope you find this update thought provoking and encourage you to contact your MIAC representative for additional information and a demonstration of pipeline hedging perfected.


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