Month-Over-Month From end-of-month December to end-of-month January, the MIAC Generic Servicing Assets, (GSAs™) Conv_30 Index decreased by 2.64% and the GNII_FHA_30 index decreased by 2.51%. In larger GSA cohorts, which are actively traded in the MSR market, the Conv30_3.5_2016 and GNII_FHA30_3.5_2016 cohorts respectively decreased by 4.07% and 1.43%. During the month of January, Conv_30 Index… Read more »

Quantitative Developer MIAC Analytics Location: New York City Please click here to view the application link Overview The Quantitative Developer position reports through the Software Development group within MIAC as it relates to development practices, technical approach, and general development priorities. However, the position will be functionally managed as part of a cross-functional team led by the… Read more »

Bid Date: 02/4/2019    12:00 PM EST MIAC Client Solutions Group, as the exclusive broker, is pleased to offer for your review and consideration, a $306 Million GNMA Multifamily & Healthcare mortgage servicing portfolio. The portfolio is being offered by a National Commercial Real Estate Lender. Key portfolio characteristics include: 100% FHA Insured Multifamily & Healthcare… Read more »

Year-Over-Year To name a few, in 2018 we witnessed crashing equity prices, declining bond prices, and saw prepayment activity hit a 10-year low. We also watched the devastation unfold due to natural disasters including hurricanes Florence and Michael in the East, and mudslides and wildfires in the West. For the cherry on top, on December… Read more »