Investment Overview MIAC is representing this Bank in the sale of a population of New Origination, Multifamily mortgage with a West coast concentration. The loans were underwritten to Agency guidelines and sold on a Service Release basis. Bid Date: September 12, 2019   5:00 PM EST Key Portfolio Information Total Balance: $106,347,259 Average UPB: $3,038,493 WAC:… Read more »

Secondary Marketing Analyst/Trading Assistant MIAC Analytics Location: Charlotte, NC Please click here to view the application link Overview This position falls under the Secondary Solutions Group (SSG) within MIAC. SSG is generally responsible for: Providing sophisticated mortgage banking risk management software solutions to mortgage lenders Providing interest rate risk management services and reporting to mortgage banking firms… Read more »

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Month-over-Month From end-of-month June to end-of-month July, the MIAC Generic Servicing Assets (GSAs™) Conv_30 Index increased by 1.33% and the GNII_FHA_30 index increased by 2.54%. In larger GSA cohorts, which are actively traded in the MSR market, the Conv30_3.5_2016 increased by 1.30% and the GNII_FHA30_3.5_2016 cohort increased by 3.76%. During the month of July, Conv_30… Read more »

Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC), established in 1989 by Cofounders Paul Van Valkenburg and Robert N. Husted, is proud to be celebrating its 30th year. The firm commemorated this special occasion with an evening cocktail reception on Thursday, August 8th, the exact day of MIAC’s founding, at Aureole in NYC. MIAC’s Charlotte, North Carolina office… Read more »

Investment Overview MIAC is pleased to represent this Midwest Bank in the sale of $122mm of seasoned, performing, whole loans. This particular population is eligible for CRA credit and is available for carves or, an all-or-none sale. Key Portfolio Information Total Balance: $122,765,948 Average UPB: $131,300 WAC: 4.48% Collateral Type: Seasoned, Performing, CRA -Eligible loans… Read more »

  MIAC’s Cofounders Robert N. Husted and Paul Van Valkenburg sat down to reflect on the last 30 years. Bob: “They say that history repeats itself and hindsight is 20/20, but I believe there was a unique combination of events that occurred around the time we founded MIAC and shortly thereafter that helped provide the… Read more »

Press Release August 8, 2019 New York, NY – Today marks 30 years in business for MIAC and its software suite, MIAC Analytics™, leading software solutions for pricing, risk management and accounting for the mortgage and financial services industries. The business’s success has been built on pride, trust, professionalism, competence, and a commitment to offering exceptional services…. Read more »

Investment Overview MIAC is offering a CRA Eligible Whole Loan Sale of $20mm of seasoned, performing loans on behalf of a Regional Bank. Bid Date: August 1, 2019  •  5:00 PM EST Key Portfolio Information Total Balance: $20,255,541 Average UPB: $129,843 156 Loans Collateral Type: Seasoned, Agency, CRA Eligible Loans GNMA – 75%, Conventional 25%… Read more »

Investment Overview MIAC is selling on an exclusive basis for a large fund a population of Re-Performing first lien, residential whole loans. Key Portfolio Information Total Balance: $22,416,585 Average UPB: $211,477 WAC: 4.986% WA LTV: 93% WA DTI: 36%Sept WA FICO: 639 FL and CA Concentration

Investment Overview Seller is a large non-bank originator seeking to sell as a loan level or AON, a pool of GNMA insured EBOs. Key Portfolio Information Total Balance: $9,444,868.01 Average UPB: $214,656.09 WAC: 4.162% All loans are insured FL, VA, and NJ Concentration