September 20, 2017  /  Press Release

New York, NYMIAC Analytics™ (MIAC), completed its twenty-fifth Risk Retention Valuation for issuers of securitized assets. Over $10 billion in securitized assets were issued in these transactions.

MIAC has been a leading provider of third-party valuation services for RMBS, CMBS, ABS, and Residual assets since 1997.  MIAC’s expertise in valuing both the underlying collateral: residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, home-equity loans, reverse mortgages, manufactured housing, auto loans, credit cards, unsecured consumer loans, and buy-to-let UK mortgages and the securitized debt is unparalleled in the financial services industry.

MIAC Analytics is the most advanced mortgage and asset back pricing and risk management software available. MIAC Analytics utilizes its advanced waterfall modeling solution called, BondAgent™.

In addition, MIAC leverages its enormous historical loan performance data set to build and maintain its collateral credit loss model called Core™Core™ is driven by key macro economic factors and significant loan attributes.

Managing Director Dean Hurley said:

“We’re proud to be at the forefront of the industry on Risk Retention analytics.  MIAC’s proprietary Vision™ and BondAgent™ toolset allow us to handle complex deals quickly, from modeling the collateral to creating the bond waterfalls for our EHRI and L-Shaped risk retention clients.“

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Managing Director, Structured Products
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You may also contact your MIAC sales representative at (212) 233 – 1250.

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