August 18, 2015

Press Release

New York, NY – Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC), provider of financial analytics solutions, launches VeriFi™, a comprehensive due diligence software solution for the banking and lending industries. Powered by, MIAC Analytics™, VeriFi™ customizes the loan file review process to the user’s exact specifications and processes a variety of verifications, compliance testing, and underwriting reviews which will assist in quantifying the risks associated with loan files.

We are excited to announce VeriFi™ as the new addition to the MIAC Analytics™ suite of software applications. MIAC has leveraged its many years of experience performing due diligence to build a solution that offers a true end-to-end solution. VeriFi™ will demonstrate an immediate return by increasing the overall efficiency while reducing costs of any due diligence process. The embedded intelligence, flexibility, and its targeting of specific due diligence processes is the key to the success of VeriFi™.”

– Joseph A. Furlong, Director, Due Diligence Group, Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation

VeriFi™ is a key addition to our data management and compliance solutions.  Whether deployed as a stand-alone tool, combined with DataRaptor® to drive analytical solutions or with DataRaptor®- Surveillance for behavioral modelling applications, VeriFi™ is built to MIAC’s best-in-class standards.”

– Robert N. Husted, Jr., Principal, Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation

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About MIAC

For over 25 years, Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC) has been the preferred destination for sophisticated mortgage industry participants offering transaction execution services, secondary market hedge advisory solutions, third-party mortgage asset valuations, as well as state-of-the-art valuation and risk models incorporating a full range of consumer behavioral risk factors.

MIAC Analytics™ is the most sophisticated mortgage pricing and risk management software suite available for mortgage investors, originators, servicers and balance sheet managers. The MIAC Analytics™ suite now includes MIAC Vision™, an asset-liability solution that applies MIAC’s CORE™ behavioral factors at the loan level.

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