Due Diligence

VeriFi™ 3.0 provides users the flexibility to customize for specific review requirements regardless of loan asset type. Adjustments can be made during the review in real-time, allowing business users to respond to the demands specifically associated with the project.

Due Diligence Services

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As financial industry experts, MIAC offers a full array of Due Diligence services to our clients, across the globe. MIAC provides in-depth analysis of portfolio and administrative or servicing arrangements. As your independent, third-party provider, MIAC offers data integrity review to provide you with a clear understanding of the quality of the mortgage data. MIAC can also perform discrepancy analysis on data provided only via electronic files, and can further assist in incorporating and comparing new data, such as updated credit or valuation information, to determine drifts, deterioration, etc. Whether you are looking to confirm only key data points or a universe of fields for complete transparency, MIAC can deliver the results you seek. 

At the core of our service is the ability to compare electronic file data against data retrieved from loan file documentation made available to MIAC. We are capable of verifying critical data points from a number of sources. We will deliver recommendations that ensure our clients achieve the optimal value from the work we undertake with them. At MIAC, our team is here to support your success and assist you in achieving your objectives.

Risk Analytics & Valuation Services

MIAC delivers creative, flexible, implementable solutions and a sound quantitative foundation

Payment History and Collection Notes

Analyze borrower payment histories to analyze and understand payments made, payments past due, payment velocity.

Credit and Compliance Reviews

Comprehensive automation of the data quality process which streamlines the data entry process. Enhanced exception management which simplifies the mitigation process.

Post-Close LQI

Loan Quality reviews efficiently completed on your agency delivered loans.

Asset Classes

MIAC has direct experience reviewing a variety of loan asset types:

Loan Asset Types