Due Diligence Services

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As financial industry experts, MIAC offers a full array of Due Diligence services to our clients, across the globe. Our strong track record is supported by our combined financial experience and our powerful proprietary due diligence platform, VeriFi. MIAC provides an in-depth analysis on your portfolio, and data integrity reviews to provide clear understanding of your mortgage data. Whether you are looking to confirm only key data points or a universe of fields for complete transparency, MIAC can deliver. At MIAC, our team is committed to delivering results that ensure clients receive optimal value from each project review.

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Full Credit and Compliance Review

Ensure that you are purchasing or selling into the market at the highest quality. The due diligence group can assist clients in understanding if a loan file complies with regulations and laws.

Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset Review

Preparation and verification of the Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset to facilitate deliveries to Fannie and Freddie Mac. The ULDD infrastructure is fully configured into VeriFi™.

Payment History and Collection Comments Review

Determine borrower payment history with insights including payments made, payments past due and payment velocity.


Next-Level Due Diligence Software

VeriFi™ provides users the flexibility to customize for specific review requirements regardless of loan asset type. Adjustments can be made during the review in real-time, allowing business users to respond to the demands specifically associated with the project.