Summer’s Close 2014 – MSR Hedging and Risk Management Update

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We at MIAC Analytics™ hope that you have enjoyed a relaxing yet, productive and prosperous summer. MIAC is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month. Over the years, we’ve learned that much like the seasons change, so too do the markets, the operating environment and ultimately the value of your enterprise. The MSR market has enjoyed… Read more »

A Brief Introduction to the Student Markets of the U.K. & U.S.

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Introduction  There are some core differences in the student loan markets across the United Kingdom (UK) and United States (US), most of which are product and origination related and the differing timing and conditions of repayment obligations.  The US market also includes a private origination element that, as yet, doesn’t exist in the same way… Read more »

MIAC Perspectives – Spring/Summer 2013

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In this issue… Commercial Mortgage Market Update Dean C. Hurley, Senior Vice President, Capital Markets Group We have seen the media and the news is out—developed countries such as the United States are providing engines for the world economy for the first time in five years as opposed to emerging markets. The question now is… Read more »

Best Practices in Mortgage Pipeline Risk Management

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One of the primary goals for any secondary marketing manager is to develop systems and controls for measuring and managing mortgage pipeline risks in order to make better decisions regarding secondary marketing execution. The end-game is to enable the company to realize the profit margin that is baked into the pricing on “day one” of… Read more »

MIAC Perspectives – Winter 2013

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The US Housing Market Roy Park, Senior Vice President, Capital Markets Group The U.S. residential real-estate market seems to have finally turned the corner, as home price changes have been positive over the last several months on a year-over-year basis even without any direct government subsidies. The price movements have coincided with improvements in the… Read more »