MIAC Whole Loan Opportunity

Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC) is pleased to offer, as the exclusive agent, approximately $27mm pool of non bank originated GNMA whole loans.

Investment Opportunity

  • Aggregate LTV: 78%
  • WA FICO: 685
  • MIAC transaction number 501133

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For more information about this transaction, contact your MIAC sales representative at (212) 233 – 1250

Steve Harris
Managing Director, MIAC Capital Markets
Office:   (212) 233 – 1250 ext. 212
Mobile:  (908) 400 – 2615

Brendan Teeley
SVP, Whole Loan Sales, Trading
Office:   (212) 233 – 1250 ext. 281
Mobile:  (646) 315 – 9221

About MIAC

Since 1989, MIAC has been the preferred destination for sophisticated mortgage industry and capital markets participants, offering transaction execution services, secondary market hedge advisory solutions, third-party mortgage asset valuations, as well as state-of-the-art valuation and risk models incorporating a full range of consumer behavioral risk factors.

MIAC Analytics™ is the most sophisticated mortgage pricing and risk management software suite available for mortgage investors, originators, servicers and balance sheet managers. The MIAC Analytics™ suite now includes MIAC Vision™, an asset-liability solution that applies MIAC’s CORE™ behavioral factors at the loan level. For more information, please dial 212-233-1250, or follow us on Twitter @MIACAnalytics.