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Press Release

April 9, 2019

New York, NY Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC) is pleased to offer, as the exclusive agent, a $22.4mm pool of reperforming residential first lien whole Loans.

The loans are being offered on a Loan-Level or an all-or-none basis. This is a servicing released offer.

Bid Date: 04/25/2019    5:00 PM EST

Investment Opportunity

  • Interest Rate Range: 2.00% – 11.95%
  • 78.00% Modified Loans
  • Geographic Concentration: FL, CA and MD
  • Average Total Debt: $211,477
  • WAC: 4.986%
  • Aggregate LTV: 70.8%
  • WA FICO: 626
  • WA Months Performing: 12


For more information about this transaction, contact your MIAC sales representative at (212) 233 – 1250

Steve Harris
Managing Director, MIAC Capital Markets
212-233-1250 x212


Brendan Teeley
SVP, Whole Loan Sales, Trading
212-233-1250 x 281


About MIAC

For 30 years, Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC) has been the preferred destination for mortgage-industry participants. In addition to providing whole loan brokerage services, MIAC offers third-party mortgage asset valuations, secondary market hedge advisory solutions, and state-of-the-art behavioral models.

MIAC Analytics™ is the most sophisticated mortgage pricing and risk management software suite available. The MIAC Analytics™ suite includes VeriFi™, DataRaptor-Surveillance™, MIAC Core™, and Vision™ to address FASB’s new Current Expected Credit Loss (“CECL”) requirements with the industries best modeling practices. VeriFi is used to support and manage the data quality auditing and review process. DR-Surveillance will measure a client’s collateral behavior including historical transition roll rates and Time_in_FCL exit curves, and these client-specific behaviors are integrated into MIAC Core, our loan level credit loss model embedded in our Vision cash flow engine and balance sheet model.

Data contained herein was provided by the seller. Seller has represented that the information is reliable, however, this does not constitute a guarantee, representation or warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information. The data contained is not intended to be a comprehensive summary of all aspects of the offer of sale. Prospective buyers should conduct their own review and analysis of the data and other information described herein. This presentation of this offering document does not constitute a recommendation of the offering or a determination of its appropriateness for specific purchasers. The Seller reserves the right to accept or reject any offer in its sole and absolute discretion. MIAC’s Capital Markets group only accepts bids from principals. Broker inquiry is not welcome and will not be accepted.